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Germaine de Capuccini Facials & Spa Treatments

Germaine de Capuccini is a Spanish company popular in Europe, especially Spain & Italy. Products are mixed and matched especially to suit your skins needs. All products aren't tested on animals and are made from plant extracts. No chemicals are used so even sensitive skins can be treated.


»Mini Facial: £23

An Introduction to Germaine Capuccini

» Classic Care Facial: £30

This facial includes scalp massage and arm massage

»Classic Care Facial with Lifting Mask: £33

»Strategist Facial: £40

»Kaeso Facial: £15

Using micro dermsbrasion, large pores are minimised, dark spots, lines and wrinkles are reduced and erased. The skins texture recovers a spectacular smoothness and luminosity

Massage & Spa Treatments

»Spa Anti-Stress Detoxifying Treatment: £30

Full Body Massage. Feel Completely relaxed and serene with the ultimate in deep relaxation treatments. Spa marine anti-stress treatment will balance any emotional or physical tension and help to eliminate negative energy, restoring harmony to body and mind

»The Lighter Legs Experience: £20

You will be walking on little fluffy clouds after this treatment, which has been designed to improve circulation and reduce fluid retention in tired and heavy legs. This treatment is good for aching, swollen legs and also good for pregnancy

»Spa Hydration Treatment: £20

Whole body Scrub. A special preperation containing essential oils is massaged in and the body is wrapped. After 20 mins relaxation it's wiped off with moist mittens and a moisturiser is applied, skin feels soft and shiny. Good preperation for holidays.

»Back Massage: £15


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